• How to find a good Yiwu agent? Tips for finding a good / right Yiwu agent for your long term importing business.
  • Who should come to Yiwu? Who are  buying from Yiwu? Who should/must go to Yiwu?
  • Who Should Not Come To Yiwu? Is Yiwu a good place for everyone?
  • When Yiwu Market Close? During weekends? The Golden Week? The Spring Festival? Or other holidays?
  • When is the best time to visit Yiwu? From March to May &  September to November.
  • How long should I plan for Yiwu visit? 10 day? 1 week? or just 2 days?
  • How can I get access to my money in Yiwu? This is the most important when you’re working on your Yiwu visiting plan.
  • How to exchange money Yiwu China? Tips for exchanging money in Yiwu,China. How to get a better rate? Is it safe?
  • How to buy from Yiwu market? Use an agent or go to the market and buy directly? Or both?
  • What is the commission rate for using a Yiwu agent? It’s 0%?, 1%, 10%, or 20%?
  • How to get a good price from Yiwu market? Here are some practical tips.
  • How to do QC(quality control) in Yiwu?  You can’t be wrong ff you are too careful.
  • Yiwu Sourcing Packaging Tips. Good Price And Good Quality Must Go With GOOD Packaging!
  • Must I Deal With A Company With Export License in Yiwu? What is export licence? Does it really matter in Yiwu?
  • Yiwu Export Agent. Basic information about Yiwu export agents. How to select a right agent for your own situation?
  • How Payment Is Made In Yiwu? Cash or credit cards? Money exchange? 30% deposit or 100% prepaid?…
  • Watch Out For Fake Brands in Yiwu Market. You need to be very careful about big brands, AND smaller brands too.
  • Better Not Place Orders Before Or After Chinese New Year. Maybe not a good idea as of : Delivery Delay, Quality Issue, and even SCAM…
  • Questions from A First-time-Yiwu-Visitor. Questions from a 1st-time-Yiwu-visitor: invoices, packing, paid cash… With answers by Jack Yang.
  • Can Yiwu Suppliers Offer Certificates for Their Products? What certificates will my customs need? Can the suppliers in Yiwu offer them?
  • What Are Other Costs Beside Products and Commission? What are other costs beside products and commission? how much does it cost approximately?
  • Is There Any Possibility Receiving Wrong Products/Less Quality products? Is ther any possibility to receive wrong product or less quality product? If it happens what should I do?
  • Buy Stock from Yiwu Market, China. Tips for buying stock from Yiwu market,China.