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Sourcing products is the main part of our business. When sourcing products, we are proactively looking for items meeting your specifications from factories. We have dealt with more than 10000shoppes in Yiwu market and more than 200 factories over the past 10 years and are dealing with 30-40 different factories at any one time. The benefit of this is the existing supplier relationship and past track record with the supplier, resulting in favorable treatment in relation to order quantities, payment terms and an understanding of our main markets.

We offer a complete package of Sourcing services including:

> Sourcing products
> Arranging FOB costings
> Full worked landed costings with in-depth cost breakdowns
> Quality control
> Order placement
> Pre production sampling
> Labeling and barcoding
> Arranging shipments
> Customs clearance
> Import and export Duty calculation
> Delivery to your door

This is why we are proud to call ourselves Wikiyiwu- Ease your work and fair to Your business – because we do far more for you than just find products. All transitions are done transparently so you the client know how much you are paying for our services.

With clients that are new to importing we have put together a list of frequently asked questions, please take a look at our FAQ page for more information.

If you think we could help you to import a product cheaper than you can make it for at present or purchase elsewhere then contact us .


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